Wall Bots

How would you guys go about building an effective wall bot for this years starstruck game?

You dont

From the start, I’m going to say that I don’t think a wall bot is a good idea. If I was going to build one, I would make a net out of string, and use linear slides to expand to the sides and upwards

What if the guy across you has a catapult bot that can beat wallbots? There’s already a robot out there that can do so.

Exactly why I think it’s not a very good idea

Wall bots block your alliance partner too.

1 way door.

Seriously though, wallbots, not worth it.

One interesting idea my group had recently for early on, was to have a tether bot with a deploy able wall and a pushbot. The wall bot would only block the bottom section of the fence, and would feature a one way door so that we could still score.

This design would only work early season however, to capitalize on a high volume of robots designed to push the stars under the fence. Once the norm becomes going over the fence this design becomes obsolete.

How about a wallbot that unfurls a volleyball/badminton net above the fence? It prevents stars from coming over. Net is made of string you made into a net or the grippy mats. You then drive laterally across the field blocking stars and cubes from coming to your side.

Careful packing like a sail in a racing sailboat is needed for speedy and accurate deployment.

Too bad the other team put some force on the object causing your wallbot to tip over and then trap your partner as well making you completely useless the rest of the match. Or you can;t keep tension on the net or they go around your wall. That is what I think went through people’s minds as to why a wallbot will not work. It also makes you not offensive at all and makes it tough for your partner to send stars and cubes the other way.

A giant tennis racquet might be fun to watch though… Might take some skill to operate.

I would build a wall bot as a multibot, with one wallbot and one catapulting/shooting robot. Generally, the wallbot would have 4-6 motors. As for the type of wallbots

The classic wallbot: Cover the entire field
I would develop it similar to one of the robots in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUyHotstLBY
Only that I would make the scissor lift thicker by adding more channel. Add a 4 motor mecanum drive with 1 motor for each side of the arm, geared to whatever is needed, and elastic assist. The holonomic strafing outwards with an elastic assist for expansion. The tether’d robot would then be a 2 motor catapult with a 1 motor turntable and 1 motor scoop. The scoop can load stuff into the catapult if an ally pushes a star into the scoop. The turntable counters any obvious blocking strategies by the opponent

The tower: Build a 12 foot high scissor lift
similar to robots like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imuLGW4Wf9s . have an elastic loaded scissor lift that’s super high, with a robot that has a weighed down drive base that can drive back and forth. Drivetrain is limited by scissor lift wobble and drive train weight. Robot will also have a rollguard to increase effectiveness

The bunker: Similar to the classic wallbot, however, you build a tilting roof
This does not need a multibot. Use anti slip mat to create a roof (reinforce with metal if needed). 4 motor holonomic drivetrain geared 3:1 torque and elastic assist start up. Devote the remaining 6 motors to a linear lift which pushes the roof up. Strategy is to roof up, then tilt the roof at the end of the match to return anything the opponent scores

The goalie: a wallbot that only covers about 4-4.5 feet
Expand from the sides of the robot a large sheet using hinges similar to rooster^3 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayL8D_TS_wQ) Using 1 motor and elastic. 4 motor holonomic drive. use another motor to allow the wall to further shift left and right using rack and pinion. Use the remaining 6 on a scoop robot

Before you begin building a motorized chassis, etc. for a wallbot, consider building a mock-up made of just C-channel or whatever and set it up as you would imagine the wallbot would appear after being fully deployed. Then toss a star or two at it, or dump a few stars on it at the same time, and toss one of those orange bags at it, and see if it can hold up to the shock of getting hit.

My biggest concern with a wallbot is tipping. Your wall will have a really high COG. If it rocks back even a little, it will fall without bracing lying on the tile. And that should probably lock in place somehow to prevent failure.

To prevent the tipping you could put legs in the back like the legs from the bicep lift in the finals.
Putting either more legs or thicker legs would help with the support. Just have them be retractable.