Wall Bots?

So you’re allowed to break other peoples wallbots right if you push through? does anyone have any ideas as to counter wallbots?


being a wallbot forfeits your protection against things like this, so yes, it would be legal.


if you have a lift, add some forks. Then you can pick up the wall and move it to block their goal zone.


Unless it’s too heavy… :wink:


So the new meta is wall bots made out of compressed lead


Or bots that counteract wall bots with the forklift

just make 2 claws and pick up what you want to pick up on both sides

A solution like this could in theory be implemented but the main problem is when you pick up 15 pounds of metal, How will you stop your entire arm and tilter mech from absolutely unnecessarily annoyingly devastatingly annihilating itself


Make a dr4b on a chassis with like 5 pneumatic pistons pointing downwards on one side of the chassis. Activate all the pistons at once and now you have a wall without having to add anything (other than pistons) to your robot.

If you have a lift, just have 2 standoffs and the wall out of there.

New meta: 5.5” lead robot that jams up traybots


New wall bot idea: So, unlike most wall bots this would be a new design capable of blocking off the opponents scoring zones and towers. Is has two main bases that separate after the match starts. Both bases have essentially a winch that does not pull with rope/wire in it that can stretch across the field. It goes over to the other side, detaches, then spreads the wall across the field. Each base has a separate driver for each base so they can be controlled better. Anyone care to make a cad of this idea?

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One of our teams is planning to build a scissors wallbot that can extend 6 feet to either side(12 feet) and can also retract pretty quickly if we ever need to move through the field during the game.

Wish them good luck for me. That sounds like a pretty epic idea if it works.


Guys i am building a robot with a DR4B and a clamp/claw, and i have a wall at the back that i can deploy. I’m gonna be targeting the small cube goal zone and the alliance tower. There are less cubes, especially after auton, and Most good bots have trays and cannot manipulate such walls. How would that play out for my protection against getting rammed and absolutely destroyed.

I have a design of a mechanism that would allow you to get around a wall bot but havent implemented it yet

such a mechanism would just really be a waste of motors, and i can deploy it and do whatever i need to. unless you can get rid of it within 5 seconds, it’s already done something called wasting your time, and space and or motors depending on how you plan to remove it. and that is really hypothetical. i barely see any teams at all using a wall, much less using a wall remover.

No it would be passive and hang off the side of the bot

Does it also forfeit protection from hooking?

yes, you don’t get any protection if you are a wallbot. your opponents are allowed to do whatever it takes to overcome you.