Wall-e summer project

Who’s seen the previews for the upcoming pixar movie Wall-e? They inspired me to make a vex-based wall-e robot for myself. So far i’ve constructed part of the head and i started on the main chassis. I plan on using 2 vex tank treads side by side as his treads. video coming soon. tell me what you think.



awesome!!! words cannot describe :smiley:
you should put a wireless webcam in it :smiley:

wall-e and the original nintendo r.o.b. systems heads look so alike.

that’s pretty darn cool. Wall-E looks like one of the few Disney movies I would actually watch.

I think the people of Pixar have more to do with it that the Disney people… I am definitely going to see Wall-e when it comes out, it won’t be too hard to “drag the kids” alone either…

Sweet idea.

Great work, what did you use to make those eyes/head? Also I like the webcam idea, with the new Qwerk I think you could plug the webcam/s right into the controller and then transmit wirelessly.

Thanks. Its made out of foam core board. i think thats what its called. that stuff is actually really strong for its weight. That would be cool to put a webcam in his eyes. What do you mean new Querk?

heres the link to the video
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Wall-E looks like a great movie.

Hey those are really cool! Keep up the good work!

Very nice work - I can’t wait to see how it turns out.
Please post more pics as you make progress!

IFI has announced an upcoming product that is a new advanced microcontroller.
It is based on the Qwerk platform from CharmedLabs.

Here are some links:
*]IFI Press Release
*]Vex new products FAQ
*]CharmedLabs Qwerk page

  • Dean

Very awesome! Please keep us posted!

My son and I had a similar idea last weekend and built a VexE. It turned out reasonably well but it is just a bit off on proportion.


Ill be sure to keep you guys updated. That Querk looks pretty cool too. thats what theyre basing the new vex off of?

Thats awesome. I was originally gonna make my wall-e out of just vex parts but decided to go with a wider range of materials, im excited for the new vex mini. its gonna be cool

You could market this to disney/pixar. They like it, you get a short blurb on disney channel about your invention XD

Or they don’t like it and their lawyers show up and tell you to cease and desist. :eek:

If you read through the FAQ, it gives a good bit of detail. Regarding wifi, there is one upgrade and two new Vex controllers in the works:

The current Vex microcontroller is VEX 0.5. The Wifi upgrade will be called VEX 1.5, but it is just a replacement for the existing one-way radio.

The new “standard” microcontroller will be called VEX 2.0, and it is just a refresh of the current one. It’ll be Wifi from the start, but will otherwise be like the current controller in capabilities and programability.

The VEX Pro controller is the one based on Qwerk, and it is a pro-level controller aimed at college-level competitions. It will have quite a bit more power, but I suspect that means it’ll also cost quite a bit more. The CharmedLabs Qwerk controller goes for $350 and that doesn’t even have the nifty LCD display.

After all these products come out, it looks like they will have three tiers of controllers:
*]VEXplorer - entry level, R/C only, Not programmable.
*]VEX 2.0 - continuation of the original VEX “red” system. Programmable controller for pre-college competitions.
*]VEX Pro - High-end option for advanced robotics. Distributed programming model supports 2-way comms, webcam video, coordinated robots, etc.

  • Dean

Add VEX Mini to tier one.

i just read threw some of the faqs. it sounds awesome. has there been a release date announced?

Even though I hate Disney, I don’t think they’d do this unless you made money off of it.

I’d like to start of with saying im very skeptical with anything under pg-13. especially g-rated movies.

my next line to say: Wall-E is a classic pixar animation movie, with lots of elements you normally wouldn’t see in disney.

It touches on issues such as waste management, pollution, obesity, and a little pit of communism. oh, and pizza plants.

the story also includes loneliness and love. it is also full of loves, and a few moments where you might even want to cry :frowning:

5 stars.

Completely agree. Its a classic which I would quickly put up with other classic Si-Fi movies. Wall-E is so cute and I like EVE even better but be warned its not all cute. From depressing themes like the earth being trashed and all the things that happen to poor, little, lonely, Wall-E (really, its really sad… (even more so when you love robots)) you just might cry…

All being said I believe they did over do it on environmental themes and the obesity thing was over done. But you can tell they were trying to get a message across and they sure did. Its not a bad one but it does make you think a bit more.

I did find the whole movie overall to be a bit depressing but overall I loved it.

Edit: (oh and for animation loving people, its one of best I have ever seen)

Also look for 2001: Space Ody jokes and Apple Computer jokes. Pretty funny!

I heard lots of apple voices… but never anything about hal or apple jokes, must not have been paying attention enough

i don’t know if you noticed but they did a great job of combining animations with real photographs and videos. or maybe those were really good animations? i don’t know.