Want to buy v5 brain with 3-4 working ports

I have a project that needs a working v5 brain with just a few working ports. Technically I could get by with 1 port and the usb programming port… but would prefer at least like 3-4 ports.

It’s for a standalone kiosk, an m&m dispensing robot game. Will be at worlds… drop by and check it out. 73805T

Oh, almost forgot. Needs at least 4 (or more) 3 wire ports working for bump sensors.

Please post or pm.


Got to ask, why not a Cortex? There are 1000’s sitting on shelves with tons of motors and 29 controllers. If you are looking for the LCD display then check out the hundreds of VEXIQ teams looking to unload their V5 brains.

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check your pms…

20 char

Any chance you would give us a preview of this m&m dispensing game?


It’s like the old ‘simon’ color following game… except it dispenses m&m candy if you win via a hopper & conveyor belt.

Had it at worlds 3 years ago… built with iq parts back then. Gave away 30# of candy.

This was the build with iq. Used touch sensors to play. The new version uses bump sensors.


It’s built & coded for a v5 brain.

What do you mean iq/v5 ???

You are looking for a brain with one good port for a motor, but needs 3-4 working 3 wire ports. Why a V5, when a cortex would do. You already had it on a IQ brain, so you had to recode it for V5. Moving it one more time to the Cortex wouldn’t be a big deal.

Teams may want to keep their V5, they would make great code test beds to practice using sensors, etc. Lots of Cortex headed for recycle centers.

But looks like a moot point, @Connor_Howard seems to have one.


Lazy. It’s already coded & working on v5. Also… it’s a useful example of some higher level coding, using variables, and writing tight code.

Conner deal on hold pending what I find. His was in better shape than I need.

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You would post your code, we can always use another good example.

lol, I have a ton of them if anyone wants to buy one (new btw), if anyone wants to buy one just dm me and we might be able to figure things out

Will probably do this eventually.

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