want to go backwards for 2 seconds

Hi. Can someone please help with commands 28-31?
We want to move backwards for 2 seconds, so that we can hit the wall and straighten our robot. But it either goes backward without stopping or goes forward. I think command no. 30 is wrong but don’t know what.

Screenshot 2019-02-05 19.27.40.jpg

I’d put a display in at 26.5 to tell you that it got out of the wait until Gryro is >= 32 degrees. I’d also reset time T1, to make sure it hasn’t already counted past 2 seconds.

Thank you for the reply.

Which display command would you use? And could you explain how it works? Would you put it between command 26 and 27?

So in command 28 you would have resetTimer T1 instead of resetMotorEncoder?

Why not just use



And the timer is definitely past 2 seconds, so you need to reset the timer!

waitUntil (Timer <= 2) makes no sense

I can’t see where the timer is zeroed out (reset), and if you did shouldn’t it be tested for >= 2sec?