Want to sell my field

I have a field in my basement that I would like to sell. Please DM me if you are interested.


How much for the field? How long this field has been used for? Have you used both sides of the tiles? Where is the field now and do you post it to Australia? Thanks.

Probably around 1000 dollars, we can talk about the price if you are interested. I have been using this for two years, and one side of the tiles is definitely in better shape than the other side. I have the field in my basement right now and I can ship it to Australia, but the shipping fee will probably be crazy tho

I am thinking about lowering the price to 600-800 because at this point the field just takes up space at my house and doesn’t do anything. Please DM me if you are interested. Also I live in Maryland.


What all do you plan on shipping? The perimeter & field tiles only or do you have any of the vexnet stuff?

I am currently only selling the field perimeter and foam tiles. But if you want the vex net stuff, I can look into it.


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The field is sold. I still have an extra set of foam tiles if anyone is interested

How many tiles do you have left. I am willing to buy a few

I have a full set left (36 tiles)

How much would that be? To be honest I don’t have enough space for a full field. I would be willing to buy like 15 of them

I’ll buy the other half of them.