Wanted: Simple Color Sorter

I’m in the process of gearing up for August Demo Month. It’s were I go to the schools that don’t have a VIQ program and do a show and tell. While I always have robots that can drive (like a Stretch or Ike) but this year I think I’d like a color sorter bot to show. While Stretch has sensors on it (like a button to keep it off of walls) the color sorter would be a good demo.

I’m looking for a simple sorter bot that’s in your collection to clone. I’ll give you credit when I do the demo (And this robot is from IQbuilderGuy). Would prefer to sort rings in a bin vs marbles that can escape and roll around the teachers room. I’d rather build something that works vs me messing around for a few extra hours. (Call me lazy, but I’d rather stand on the shoulders of giants. )

I can manage the code, since I want to do examples in Modkit and RobotC and I’m pretty fluent in them.

Post here or mail me at Foster Dot Schucker at Stemrobotics dot org


Philo’s takes some beating for simplicity.
I wrote my own code for it but used the build.

I’ve also done a Highrise cube sorter with the Armbot before too with success.

Had my laptop stolen a couple of weeks ago and lost pretty much everything. I’m an idiot for not backing up!