Wanted: VEX IQ super kits

I want to buy 4 super kits, if you have the kits, please contact me

Canada Toronto area.

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Hi Cindy, I just spent the last 45 days corralling the last 8 unopened kits in the USA. You might want to post on the Official VEX IQ forum on the Face Book pages, you may get a lead there. Good luck on your search!!


This topic from September:

Foster has asked and searched long and hard since then, scrounging out any new v1 super kits that were left, so there likely won’t be many, if any, left.

I was commenting on how Foster said that they got all 8 left in the US

Also Foster didn’t insult Facebook, which I also think is useless btw.

You wrote ??? as the response. I was a little confused to what you were trying to say.

The OP was new. They want 4 kits for the GTA. I had done a lot of work finding the kits I wanted (reached out about everyone I knew, made posts, etc. ). As I closed the deal on the last kits to put me at 8, I got a lead about using FB. I don’t FB, and I know that the OP is behind looking for these kits. So I passed on looking at FB.

Not a fan of FB, but I’m not going to cut the OP in their search. So I suggested the FB group. There may or may not be other kits out there and the OP may have better success in Canada with that group.

And while there may be more unopened kits out there, they are going to be hard to find / pry out. I had a contact with a school district that had some on the shelf that they were not using, but getting them off the shelf and paid for was impossible (paid for by a grant, SD policy’s, etc.,). I even took two “gently used” kits.

And my story had a happy ending, we started new teams on Wednesday and I was happy that I could go to my storage and pull kits out to get the teams started. YMMV.


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