Wanted - VEX Teach/Tutor - Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, Arizona

Hello, I have 3 kids that are super interested in VEX. We private tutor them outside the school system with lots of different teachers coming to the house each week. We are looking to devote a few hours once per week to have a tutor / teacher come to the house and work with them. We have the product and printed out the lesson plan, but need someone to help administer the curriculum each week.

Please contact me if you are able to assist. Of course, this is a paid assignment.

Please call me at 602.570.6828 or email me at Ryan@oranje.us

For the most part I just suggest the students diving in learning themselves. There are a lot of community resources in addition to the official resources for learning things about the VEX system. Any questions that they have can always be posted here on the forum for quick response.

ill contact you later today
i go to mountain pointe in pheonix