Wanting idea on larger tire install

I have a vex v5 kit and want to install the large tires on it, it didn’t fit on the square bot, any gear ideas or something else perhaps to acheive this ???

The Tumbler is a nice little robot that uses the 5" wheels: http://content.vexrobotics.com/docs/Protobot_Tumbler_Guide_0711.pdf.

Vex helps you to engineer, ie: solve problems. Personally, I did the directions for the 5’’ tire one at first, then I watched A TON of youtube videos of vex robots, then I just hung around vex forum looking at the other robots, observing, and thinking how to implement this into a robot that I would want to make. So… just try out new things, it’s O.K. to fail, just try again. (trust me, I’ve failed so many times, that I’ve learnt that it’s a great learning experience) So happy building!!