Wanting to Start Coding

Hey y’all. So I really want to start coding because I want to contribute more to my team than just the notebook. I am completely new to it and have no idea how to learn or where to start. I can’t do it at practice because I am busy with the notebook, but I would like to learn how it works and the basics. Because I am always working on the NB and our main programmer is always working on the robot/skills/etc, they don’t really have the time to teach me. We use VEXCode with only text. I do know some general stuff with blocks programming, but we don’t use it. Thank you!

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So, look at some example programs on the app itself. If you need help, ask ian or ask me. if you want help on setting up code and rotations, just PM me or message me.

If you know some of the general stuff with blocks that’s good. One of the harder parts of programming for new people is the logic.

As for text goes, I would advise reading up on C++. It is the language of VexCode text uses. You can find a tutorial for C++ here. There are also a million other tutorials online if you dislike the linked one.

Once you know the basics of C++, read the VexCode specific documentation and go through the different tutorials in VexCode. There should be a section on the Vex website dedicated to learning VexCode Text.

If you are working with a teammate, I would advise using version control software like git (actually use git even if you are alone, its great). Github is free and easy to setup.

Good luck.


Thank you so much! I really appreciate it, I will definitely use those links.

Here is a link to a small write up I did for another user it should be useful to you as well. Also feel free to message me anytime if you need help with anything or have any questions. That thread in general is a good place to start.