Warm VexNet Keys

I have been noticing that sometimes after matches, the VexNet key is warm. We are using the VexNet v1 keys. Does this usually happen, or is it an issue with our keys? If it does, can overheated keys cause connection issues?


Happens to us, doesn’t seem to cause a problem.

We lost a finals match because of overheated VEXnet keys. Try to keep them cool, especially in elimination matches, when you’re likely to be playing matches back to back.

Sometimes if the robot and controller are disconnecting, I switch out whichever vexnet key is warmest.
Either that, or the one with the solid blue light.

How do you know it was overheated VEXnet keys that caused whatever problem you had? I’m not being argumentative, but I think it is important to go through an engineering process in things like this, and be able to document for others what led to a problem and how you fixed it.

Our robot froze and disconnected in the middle of autonomous in F-2. When we took the VEXnets out, they were hot to the touch. No matter what we did, the robot and the joystick would not connect. Fortunately, we were able to borrow the VEXnet keys from our alliance member who was sitting out for F-3, which worked perfectly. Afterwards, we tried our own VEXnets again after they were given enough time to cool down so that they were no longer uncomfortable to hold. The robot and joystick connected right away.

Of course, I could be wrong and the heat and disconnection problems could be coincidence, but we had no way or time to properly test.

empirical evidence from some testing today indicates that a set of keys we were using for programming definitely became less reliable after sitting in the robot for a while and becoming hot to the touch.

Haven’t noticed that with the 2.0 keys however. Stuck using 1.0 for programming skills practice. :rolleyes: