Warning for new way to state points

I am attempting to generate a path using OkapiLib.

        Point{0_ft, 0_ft, 0_deg},
        Point{3.5_ft, 2_ft, 0_deg}},

I am receiving this warning

note: parameter passing for argument of type ‘std::initializer_listokapi::Point’ changed in GCC 7.1

I could not find the new way to pass the argument in the OkapiLib documentation. How should I be doing this? Any help is appreciated.

Is it stopping you from compiling?

No, just giving a warning and its annoying me. I can’t test the code on the bot right now.

There was an ABI change between 6.x and 7.1 for passing params like this. As long as OkapiLib was compiled with 7.1+, it is safe to ignore this “note”. I’m 99% sure that is the case.

You can remove it from being reported by using "-Wno-psabi ". I haven’t looked to see where that would go (it is in the compile command in the makefile…somewhere). I haven’t created a makefile in decades so it would be a bit dangerous to trust me on where.


This was what I was getting at. I was making sure it was the exact error that can be ignored.

You can add -Wno-psabi to WARNFLAGS.