Warning in Ask The Experts Area

Lately I’ve been realizing a lot of people new to the vex forum or even who have been here for a little while have been posting in the Ask the Experts section when it should be in technical or general discussion

The description for the ask the experts section should have a notice telling people to first post in the technical or general discussion unless it specifically has to do with erratic problems not code help or robot advice

just my $0.02

something else, a lot of these people who do post in the “ask the expert” section should do a few things.

  1. post your problem where the pro’s will get back to you (warning with this, it will take them a good amount of time to answer you back, so be prepaired to wait)
  2. post the same problem on the general forum, although all of us people aren’t “pro’s”, we still know our way around the vex system, we can give you advice on what MIGHT be the problem, and most of us will get back quicker.

So, post your problems in both the general and pro section, so you get a quick response which solve the problem (a lot of us probably have had the problem), and if we don’t help, the pro’s will be able to get the offical word in on the matter.

My $0.02.

Yea, i bet you will probably get help faster if you post in the general section as the pros might only be on from time to time.

But yes it should have a warning asking you if you want to post it in the ask the pros, general form, or both.

Sometimes i can really help people out but i can’t reply to their post and i have to send a pm which they never get lol!

If you post in the “Ask the Experts” forum, you will receive official Vex Technical support. We cannot always answer some questions and in those cases we may move the post into the General forum where everyone can respond to it.

The “ask the experts” forum is checked almost every work-day, though sometimes it takes time to formulate the proper answer.

If you post a question on a weekend, it will almost never be answered until the next work-day.


That’s why there’s an Unofficial Answers forum. But wouldn’t they allow quotes/replies and redirect them to the Unofficial Answers forum?

It seems like it might not be to hard to make any post in the “Ask the Experts” forum also make an identical post in another forum, perhaps with a slight title change to imply that it isn’t experts answering the question.

I notice most of the Ask the Experts questions are rather trivial and can be well answered by many of the people posting in the forums, usually quicker too.