Warning - Meaningless statement?

Warning - Meaningless statement – No Code Generated

What does this warning mean, and should I be concerned?

Here is my code:

#pragma config(Sensor, in5,    sonarSensor,         sensorSONAR, int1)
#pragma config(Sensor, in6,    bumpSensorLeft,      sensorTouch)
#pragma config(Sensor, in7,    bumpSensorRight,     sensorTouch)
#pragma config(Motor,  port2,  leftMotor,            tmotorNormal)
#pragma config(Motor,  port3,  rightMotor,           tmotorNormal)
#pragma config(Motor,  port4,  leftRearMotor,        tmotorNormal)
#pragma config(Motor,  port5,  rightRearMotor,       tmotorNormal)
//*!!Code automatically generated by 'ROBOTC' configuration wizard               !!*//


void moveForward(){
  motor[leftMotor] = 127;
  motor[rightMotor] = 127;

void allStop(){
	motor[leftMotor] = 0;
	motor[rightMotor] = 0;


//main program--------------------------------------------------------

task main()

	while (SensorValue[sonarSensor] > 3){

	if (SensorValue[bumpSensorLeft] == 1 || SensorValue[bumpSensorRight] == 1) {



It says that allStop; = Warning:Meaningless statement – no code generated

Someone explain this to me? Is this just RobotC’s way of telling me it’s too stupid to realize allStop; is a function?

Or am I the stupid one? :slight_smile: