Was anyone else disappointed in the Tower Takeover reveal and the game itself?


I think the intended end game element is to change cubes placed in towers to the color you have most in your scoring area.

I would have liked to see two scoring elements. When was the last game that only had one element to manipulate?



That’s not specialization, if I’m not mistaken.

that’s completely true, my bad



after thinking about it i think this will be a fun game tbh

ive come up with a few decent ideas for a good robot design and stuff, i was looking at it with the view of how muc fun turning point was for me but after looking at it with an open mind i think i might actually have fun with this game it just wasnt what i was expecting tbh



I think the goal is to have more variability by adding different game elements while keeping others the same. As I have thought about it more this years competition will be like others, complicated in some aspects, and lax in others.

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I’m intrigued by the color strategies. I haven’t seen vex really include any in-game strategy other than ‘complete this task better/faster than anyone else’



At first I was disappointed with how simplistic it seemed. However at a closer glance stacking these cubes won’t be easy. They don’t nest like in the zone cones.

As for the late game strategy, I think teams should stack as much as possible for the majority, and last 20-30 seconds make sure the towers give them the most possible multipliers.



To be honest when I first saw the field without any of the rules, it looked pretty boring and IQ-ish because WOW, colors. Now that I’ve flipped through the game manual and actually looked at the game in-depth, it’s pretty interesting since the cubes are seemingly made of plastic and there’s no expansion limit; I’ve already come up with a few ideas that probably wouldn’t work but I’m going to try to build anyway.

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I personally love this game as it finally unleashes the barriers of creativity and expands the possibilities :slightly_smiling_face:



it seemed a bit boring but I like how wallbots are legal now



My first impressions are that I really like the game and it’s potential to bring back the 127C and 1471 toss up style wallbots (this is the first game since skyrise that would allow them to function in any way) and with the power of the v5 motors added, it should be a fun year for some creative defensive minds!

I’m addition, I really can’t wait to see where VEXU goes with unlimited motors and wallbots :slight_smile:



I kind of want to build a wallbot just for fun…

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Whilst wallbots are legal, what strategy would you use? You can’t block the field in autonomous because of the Autonomous Line and given that the opposing Alliance can start pretty much anywhere along their side wall, you can’t really block them in or out of anywhere. Add to that the fact that there is a goal at both ends and it seems pretty hard to be effective.
I guess the cool V-shape wallbot from Toss Up dealt with some of these issues, but that was able to deploy in Autonomous.

I’m sure teams will come up with some awesome solutions, just curious to know what strategies a wallbot would employ.

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A wallbot could possibly use its wall to hoard cubes and pin its opponents. It would be quite hard to execute a wallbot of that caliber though.

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Passively deploying 8 motor drive wallbot.

Or 6 motor drive, 1 motor H drive, 1 motor expansion release mechanism. You drive over to the other side of the big cube stack, deploy, then push the cubes towards your side, using the H drive to adjust as needed.

Or a 6 motor drive, and two motors on horizontal succor lifts for adjustable wallbot.

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A wallbot cpuld be used in autonomous to bring most of the cubes closer to its side and also to block the opposing alliance to 1/2 of the cubes on the field

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idk I think the game itself is kinda boring. the past 6 games from vex are imo pretty strong (turning point, in the zone, starstruck, nothing but net, skyrise, toss up)

turning point was very fun to just sit down and drive till your batteries die
in the zone has some of the most satisfying bots
starstruck was very fun to just scrim with someone and then high hang
nothing but net has those pretty satisfying high elevations
skyrise has insane bots
and toss up had stuff flying everywhere

tower takeover at a glance doesn’t really seem to have that “thing” that just makes it a good game. stacking is going to be kinda annoying and always fall over based on how you do it because the cubes don’t align themselves like cones, skyrise sections or even a back wall. there is no special parks, like high elevations, climbs or hangs.

i think the game is going to play like nothing but net where you field for auton and the first minute of driver period until there are no field elements, then scramble for a elevation or in this case cups.

the redeeming parts of tower takeover is that there is no build restriction like 36in and turning point 18in. which is very nice and you can do a lot with that. but imo it kinda falls flat when you only have 8 motors.

building a solid bot with super high capacity is way too important. i think this is pretty difficult to do with 8 motors. imo the way to improve tower takeover is to add more motors. 2 motors will be great. 4 motors will be very nice. vur5 will be op. or another way imo is to make it so that you can use pneumatics without giving up 2 motors.

but idk, i’m not very excited for tower takeover, but i am excited for robotics. i haven’t played tower takeover yet so i guess we will see.



As coach of a still cortex bound team, I think 8 V5 is plenty. Next year when cortex is phased out I fully expect to see a jump. Remember that if each V5 is worth 2 393, you have a 50% power advantage on top of built in PID and other advantages.



I think that disappointment came from the minimal use of prime colors, the cubes are secondary colors and while it might not cross your mind, it was probably part of it.



I also was very disappointed when the cubes did not look like circles that was probably what made it so disappointing.

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I completely agree my team is still bound to a cortex and we have to use at least four motors on our drive to barely match a two motor V5 drive.