Was my starter kit short?

“You get 48” of Vex Chain. This is the same chain you get in the Starter Kit." thats from the website here…

but I can’t find my chain

I think that’s a typo–it’s the same stuff that you get with the chain and sprocket kit (which is an upgrade I highly recommend).

Hope this helps!

that was what i was wondering, did anyone get chain+sprockets in their starter kit.

it would be very unlikely for that to happen. i guess it could be possible, but i dont think that would happen. they are two different kits, the starter kit and chain and sprocket kit, so they souldnt get mixed up.

This was a mistake on the webpage. There has never been chain and/or sprockets in the Vex Starter Kit. These items are only available in the Sprocket/Chain Accessory kit.

We have fixed the error.

Thanks for pointing this out!