Was October 1st the deadline for scheduling a tournament?

I recently heard about an event partner wanting to schedule a tournament to take place in about 2 months, but the request was denied because all tournaments had to be scheduled before the 1st of October.


First question: did I hear this correctly? Is this for real? I find it hard to believe that no new tournaments can be scheduled now that it’s past some kind of insanely early-in-the-season deadline.

Second question: if it’s true that October 1st was the deadline for scheduling new tournaments, can somebody explain to me the rationale behind this decision? I mean… seriously???

They need to determine the number of qualification slots for state/regional championships so most regions have a deadline for any tournaments. In California it was September 28th.

This deadline is listed in the Qualifying Criteria, so yes, it’s real.

I would guess the purpose is to allow RSMs to allocate state/regional championship qualifying spots to tournaments. It would not be a great situation to go into the first tournaments of the season not knowing what will qualify.

Back in the good ole days, when did the deadline used to be? I seem to remember they didn’t have it until early January.

But early October? Heck, we barely know how many kids are truly interested, never mind how many parents will be able to help set up events. And since unpaid volunteers are necessary to operating this kind of circus, how are we supposed to know how to organize anything by early October?

November 2, 2015
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November 1, 2017

Thanks. Looks like I was wrong about January, unless they used to give us some slack on those dates and now they don’t. Well, in any case, just another reason to shop around.

You could be right about getting a bit of slack… particularly back in the “directly qualify for Worlds” days. Everything was a bit more “startup” culture in those times… we’re definitely moving into “established business” land now. Rules and protocol are becoming more necessary than rapid responses and flexibility. Not to say the latter aren’t there… just that the ratio has had to shift a bit.

Three or four years ago we felt the same way about hosting an event in October… we only got about 24 teams out to it. This year we hit the registration limit at 40 teams, and have had another 50 team event already… and another 50 team event coming up this weekend… both had waitlists.

In order to organize for October we start in the spring and make reasonable assumptions about numbers. This year we underestimated a bit… we could have easily had another November event fill up.


I’m not so sure about the “necessary” aspect.

I’m seeing something of the opposite in our area. About a third of our slots are going unused at events that used to be sold out. It’s one of the reasons I begged for Skills Only events to count at least at the state level. Now I’m hearing our local event partners can’t schedule any more tournaments, so that means we have kids who will never get to compete in anything. Kinda defeats what a lot of people around here used to perceive as the supposed purpose of all this. I’m not sure why we’ve seen a drop. Maybe it’s the V5 fiasco, or the loss of 3-team alliances in which beginners/clawbots always had some chance of getting pulled up or… who knows?

This is only about qualification though isn’t it? I mean, you can list an event for whenever you want to give teams opportunities to compete at tournaments. It just means it won’t qualify for something else.

^ Right.

You can host a tournament whenever, but qualifying tournaments have to be posted by the deadline.

Maybe so. I’m not sure. But I guess that’s like having those Skills Only events that count for nothing. If it were up to me, kids would simply build cool stuff, be happy with what they create, and we wouldn’t do any tournaments. But I’m told the competition thing is what motivates them. Beats me. I guess if we start having events that don’t count toward the grand vision of Vex competitions, then it’s not even clear to me why we need to confine ourselves to using Vex.

I think tournaments are a great eay of getting kids to build cool stuff but it isn’t essential to have qualifying for Worlds as the goal. The goal is simply to build a good robot for the game which is still achieved at a local level.

I would be satisfied with Stare. World’s is a dream for me right now. Unless I really blow everyone away with some sort of surprise. But I doubt that.
I can be content with just building, but the testing is really the fun part. After you can beat out your organization’s teams, you want to see just how far you can go. Which is where tournaments come in.

My suggestion would be, if you can’t reach the goals you want to reach, set some goals you can reach. Try to do better than the best you’ve done before.

Even if you aren’t able to build anything better than a clawbot, you can probably improve if you get more practice driving it.

Edited to add: Some easier goals could be winning more than one match (or more than two, or more than three), finishing in the top half of the list, being in the elimination rounds, making it quarterfinals/semifinals/finals, or doing any of those more often than you did before.