Wasabiana 2019

Before this I hadn’t logged in to this horrid place in exactly one year, which was the most peaceful and civilized year of my entire robotics career.

That being said, we 1492X and 1492W present the (likely) final reveal of our robotics careers. After 3 consecutive years of being in Science division RECF ruined my entire existence and put us in Arts this year. We can never have happy things in robotics I guess.

@Grant_Cox (aka the blue face of the GDC) thank you for your support and lenience in refereeing our aggressive defensive play at state but please rectify this division situation please and thank you I expect an official response from you personally within the next 30-45 seconds (that is about how long it would take you to read this). My team and I are extremely distressed - I haven’t talked to my family or girlfriend in days as I have been repeatedly refreshing the robotevents page.

All jokes aside, good luck at worlds everybody and always remember to bust down wasabiana.


Wow nice robots! Good luck at worlds.