Washington Jump Start 2011

Thanks to Rick, the volunteers, and the Exothermics for hosting a great event at Redmond High School on Saturday, November 5.

With 1492, 1107, and 2 (that’s the W.A.S.A.B.I., Cambie and Gladstone clubs) in attandance as well as the Exothermic teams this was probably one of the toughest tournaments to be held in North America so far this season. Copngratulations to all the teams.

One observation is that teams should be well aware of the definition of pinning, and be aware that they don’t have to back off just because someone (who is not a ref) yells “PINNING!” every time they make contact with another robot or execute a good defensive play. Gateway is a complex game, and it never hurts to read all the rules before playing it.

For links to photos from the event and videos from the elimination rounds, I will direct you to the Pacific Youth Robotics Society’s web site, and invite everyone to come up to Richmond, BC for the BC Season Opener at Cambie Secondary on December 10.


Team 1492 W.A.S.A.B.I. thanks everyone who put in the huge amount of work and effort to host the largest Jumpstart event to date! Apart from the unavoidable technical difficulties that accompany every VEX tournament, the event was smooth, well organized and professional on all fronts!

Tournament Champions: 1492X, 1107B, 1492Z
Tournament Finalists: 1492A, 2K, 575
Excellence Award: 1492A
Design Award: 10D
Judge’s Award: 3311B
Robot Skills: 1107B
Programming Skills: 1492A

What were the programming skills and driver skills scores?

Somewhere around 20 for drivers, 7 for programming?

Rick Tyler is ahead of you on answering that question… the top scores are already posted to the world wide leaderboard.

Just click “Robot” or “Programming” to see who is on top.


Indeed :smiley: it’s officially 20 for drivers and 6 for programming.

i will also post links to videos my team took when they are uploaded
that was a great tournament!
Thanks everyone who participated and hope to see you all in the next competition we will be hosting :slight_smile:

Oh, yes… check out the slick passing of the negator barrel at 2:19 of this video. The clock ran out before it could be played, or it would have been a definite hit on the highlight reel.

Haha, yes inspired by 2921 from the NZ World Cup and put into action by 1107B, 1492X was ashamed that our breakers were hitting at the end of the match so that we couldn’t score it. Great move though!

All 39 of my Jump Start videos are uploaded here.

Tournament results:
Washington Jump Start 2011 Qualification Match Results.pdf (27.4 KB)
Washington Jump Start 2011 Elimination Match Results.pdf (8.72 KB)
Washington Jump Start 2011 Robot Skills Scores.pdf (6.44 KB)
Washington Jump Start 2011 Programming Skills Scores.pdf (5.77 KB)
Washington Jump Start 2011 Awards.pdf (7.43 KB)