Washington Jump Start Tournament Nov. 20

Time to get your teams registered and signed up for the Jump Start Tournament. Due to a space conflict in our venue, we won’t be able to accept as many teams as we would like, so it is first-come, first-served. There is still plenty of room today, but it won’t last forever.

Sign up soon!

our three teams from cambie are hyped for our first competition
is team 10Q still “intact”?
i know 575 graduated as did team 721 (and 2z?)
thats three of the top teams gone :frowning:
hope 10q is still out there to compete against!
(as well as all the other exothermics :))

Last year’s 721 and 575 are mostly graduated (one member of 575 is still a grade 12, but he is now the Exothermic Robotics president and doesn’t work on robots). I believe that team 2Z (“Death from Above”) were all grade 11s – they are coming back.

At the end of the school year, team 575 offered 10Q their team number in a moving ceremony. (“Hey, we’re all graduating, you want to be 575 next year?” “Mr. Tyler said we couldn’t.” “Well, this is our club, not his. Do you want the number?” “Sure.” “What will Mr. Tyler say?” “Who cares?”) So the students from 10Q all joined 575, and brought in three new students to fill out the team.

The veteran teams from Exothermics this year will be 10B, 10V, 10D (already has their robot done), 10X, and 575. Rookie teams are 10A, 10Z and 10M. Other rookie teams in our “family” are 417, 1492A and 1492B.

It should be a fun season, and I expect Moscrop, Thompson, Cambie, Sky Valley, and Blaine to all have 721-level teams this year (not to mention the teams from the Island)(and Gladstone – there is ALWAYS Gladstone).

I think, I kinda like these numbers…

Wish you guys were closer. Would be fun to be there!

We’ll be there! We started prototyping a week ago… :eek:

Just wanted to point out that Cambie and Interlake are not yet registered for the Jump Start. If you want to come, it’s time to get your mentor/teacher on the job!

turns out that he was waiting for all the forms to be handed in -.-’
can you reserve 3 spots? :wink:
he should register by today

On robotevents, we are registered but have not paid yet as of two weeks ago. Does this count?

You have a space at the tournament but you will need to pay. How about going to RobotEvents and paying today! :slight_smile:

Up to 27 teams now, we only have room for about 32.

Our school has a new approval system with our activities coordinator, and it requires an application and quite a few pages of paperwork. It’s a new system, so we’re still working it out. We definitely expect to be there though! :wink:

I wonder how many needle designs will show up here in Washington, home of the Space Needle

harharharhar /bad pun.

i don’t think we have met before?
its nice to meet new people especially after you’ve been talking on the forums for some while
well, count us in for one robot having that design with a couple “twists” :wink:
btw we will post ALL of our documentations the day after the competition (AFTER everyone has seen it in person)
or maybe we should post it the day before and haunt your dreams :wink:
or just a small “teaser” :wink:

btw we got 2 of our robots hanging today :)!
our brother team was so proud! ^^
(they spent a whole month hiding their robot in a box for that -.-’)

After inspecting most of the Cambie, DT and Gladstone bots, I think this is going to be one of the most competitive “first tournament of the season” tournaments that we’ve had in this neck of the woods for some time.

Frightening what that would imply for the year end events… but I guess we’ll start to find out in a little less than 12 hours.

A sudden burst of late registrations means the event will have 34 teams – which is eight more than last November. I keep counting “likely teams” for the February Redmond Winter Event and coming up with more than 50. Looks like it’s time for more Washington events. W00t!

See you too early tomorrow!

I think the only thing that wowed us more than 1107B’s mechanism and 1492Z’s ridiculously consistent, albeit short, autonomous was their driving. Very impressive. I regret that I was only there for the playoffs…

Excellence: 1492Z

Tournament Champions:

Tournament Finalists:

Amaze: 1107B

Robot Skills: 1492Z (61 points)

Programming Skills: 1492Z (9 points, even though they could do up to 13 or 15 in matches… :rolleyes:)

5000A, 299B, and 1346A also won awards, but I don’t recall which.

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thanks for the praise ^^
i couldn’t find u in the midst of all the packing to say a “goodbye” :slight_smile:
btw i wonder how much robots would copy our design since its relatively simple…
cant wait for the next tournament that we will be hosting in only 3 weeks!! :open_mouth:

One of our team members is all for copying your design. I have a couple of minor improvements in mind, mainly to make the reach of the 2-bar link higher for scoring on the wall (which I’m sure you realized was a problem), but I’ve gotta say, the descoring mechanism was quite ingenious.

of course we can score on the wall! :slight_smile:
it just takes us a long time to aim up and stuff (darn, why did we remove our strafe >.<)
at least our autonomous always worked (score the preload on the WALL ;))

1107A And 1107B

hehe, u gonna troll now?

on topic:
i was surprised that there were more DESCORE bots than SCORE bots!
and some of them, while being extremely simple, descore A LOT and cancelling out all the fast scorers!

most of the robots were just a small drive, with a fork bolted onto an arm (and some worked as well as ours!)