Washington Jump Start Tournament

Next Saturday, Nov. 7, Exothermic Robotics is hosting the first event of the year in the Pacific Northwest. Twenty-six teams from British Columbia and Washington will be struggling for “Masters of Cascadia” bragging rights. Let’s see if the teams from Washington can stop the nearly-invincible Canadians on their home turf.

If you are in Western Washington, the event is being held at Redmond High School (in Washington, not the one in Redmond, Oregon – you don’t want to get that wrong) starting at 9am. Stop by and say hi.

our team will definately beat the exothermics :wink:
we need to wake up so early though >.<
long drive…
our teams are doing pretty good and they are working extra hard (especially on friday night)
btw how many teams can the competition hold?
(the max roster)

Which school are you from? We have the event posted as 30 teams on RobotEvents, but we realistically expected 18-20 this early in the year. Twenty-six is plenty.

I look forward to seeing you – whoever you are!

Be sure to get some video of the matches. I’d love to see this year’s Exothermic bots in action.

i missread and thought there was going to be 26 teams FROM canada :stuck_out_tongue:
my badd
and ill keep my identity a secret for now
until we win… :stuck_out_tongue:
ill give u a hint
last year we went with the name “Gordova”
so close in coming first in the Victoria island competition too >.<
cant wait to see the insane designs the exothermics come up with
since your their mentor, cant you just give us a hint :wink:
to tip the scales a bit?? :slight_smile:
see you on Saturday

4 days to go and we’ve no idea what vexnet looks like, let alone tried programming with it… woo!

All of our groups here are not done with robot construction, let alone programming.

However… in the case of programming I think I can ease the transition from radios to VEXnet as I already know what steps are necessary for it to work. =O (Originally no one knew how to get it working… and it took awhile for me to figure it out as well.) I doubt people will be doing lots of autonomous though.

A lot of the designs here are also mediocre and probably temporary… which in this point of time is the best we could probably do given that there are only four more nights to work on the robot. I don’t expect any big wins this time around but hopefully there’ll be some inspiration to push for success like our surprise win last year on the Island.

One other issue that might be problematic is VEXnet. If you browse through the VEX Questions forum you will find several of our posts detailing troubles with one particular upgrade set. I don’t know how fast that will be repaired. =S

OMG u DIDNT get vexnet yet?!
of all people, i thought you would have a whole closet full of those things!
since you have a fairly large amount of teams and you have good fundings…
(3 courts last year?!)
btw when i was at your pits area, i was shocked on how many parts you guys have
its like, vex heaven :wink:
(esp the pneumatics)

The students on the three 1346 teams heading to Seattle from David Thompson are rookies this year. In fact every one of the Trobotics VEX students from last year has been moved along (occasionallly against their wishes) to other, non-VEX projects.

However I do have to say that they sure don’t build or code like rookies. I think the veteran teams will have a bit of an edge this weekend but will have to work very hard to keep that advantage as the season goes on.

We will also have a “real” rookie team on the bus as the team from Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary will be getting their school’s first taste of VEX competition.

May the best robot win and all that; see you guys in ~84 hours.

By the way (at david thompson) is that from the registered team list, or your own knowledge? I, for one, would love to know what we’re up against :wink:

hey martin you actually posted :stuck_out_tongue:
on topic:
is Allan K. gonna be on the teams this year?
(going to redmond)
i think we’ve seen him a couple of times before
(and alliance partners before)

Having fifteen (sixteen?) teams is sometimes more of a hindrance than a benefit… It means more specific part ordering, marking, keeping students in line and administration than usual.

Of course, things get overlooked with all this distraction… We’re vexnet-less and competition kit-less and don’t expect to practice properly any time before Saturday. :slight_smile:

you want to know about us… =P

Well… I wonder if it hurts to give a sneak peek… meh…

There are four teams going down I think… I’ve looked at each of their robot designs and for people who haven’t competed before some of their robots seem quite advanced… However… from Elevation experience and from designs I’ve seen on the web, I don’t exactly expect any of our teams to be on the winning alliance… although maybe one or two can land spots in the other alliances. The next competition, however, might be a nail-biter as they will (for sure) take home with them experience that will help them succeed. That… and the fact that we’re going to get a load of new parts in Redmond. =P

murdomeek… I will be going down this time… they just managed to squeeze me onto the bus… the only thing I have to do is hand in my forms in one day. =O But I won’t be playing in the tournaments myself. BTW… are you CambieSS students? Just curious. xD

721tba… actually we’re in a similar situation… we only have 2 VEXnet sets atm (one of which isn’t working but will hopefully be repaired).

Since people ask, here is the team list for Washington Jump Start:

1983B	Aviation High School	Skunkworks Robotics
1983A	Aviation High School	Skunkworks Robotics
1346C	David Thompson Secondary School	Trobotics
1346B	David Thompson Secondary School	Trobotics
1346	David Thompson Secondary School	Trobotics
10Z	Explorer Post 2036	Exothermic Billy Mays
10X	Explorer Post 2036	Exothermic Stairs
10V	Explorer Post 2036	Exothermic Victory
10Q	Explorer Post 2036	Exothermic Salsa
10E	Explorer Post 2036	Exothermic Albatross
10D	Explorer Post 2036	Exothermic Flounder
10C	Explorer Post 2036	Exothermic Astley
10B	Explorer Post 2036	Exothermic AI3
10A	Explorer Post 2036	Exothermic Cybernetics
575	Explorer Post 2036	Exothermic Haiku
2Z	Gladstone	TBA
2Y	Gladstone	TBA
2T	Gladstone	TBA
2K	Gladstone	TBA
2C	Gladstone	TBA
2A	Gladstone	TBA
721	Gladstone	TBA
1107B	H.J.Cambie Secondary	GorDova
1107A	H.J.Cambie Secondary	Donuts and Timbits
1899	Interlake High School	Interlake Saints Robotics
1426A	Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary School	LTSS
2605A	Sehome High School	Sehome Robotics

Aviation High and Sehome High are both new to VEX, so three brand-new schools this tournament.

It seems like Gladstone has a lot of people wanting to stay home this time. =O

BTW there should be a letter beside each 1346 team. At the moment there’s one that’s not labelled. =O

I count 27; typo, or last-minute entry? Love the random lettering of Gladstone and the Exothermics (ACKTYZ, ABCDEQVXZ).

It’s not that random. There’s probably a host of teams not going down south… instead preferring to wait until the Gladstone tournament at the end of the year.

It was 26 until Lord Tweedsmuir (you Canadians know how funny that sounds to a USAian, right?) signed up. Both Gladstone and Exothermic Robotics have taken advantage of the “pick your own letters” feature of the team registration software, and eight Gladstone teams are NOT attending. And, on my screen the 1346 teams do have letters affixed.

Today, we are testing the new field hardware with VEXnet for the first time.

That’s pretty tall words. You will have to go up against the monstrous (and successful) hoard of the Exothermics and Gladstone.

Should be a great tournament. If it wasn’t 2400 miles away, I would love to be there.

Ah… random letters =S

The list up there has one 1346 team without a letter. I just want to check to make sure everything is in order. =)