Washington Jumpstart Tournament

This past weekend (11/17), 36 teams from Washington and BC came out to Mariner High School in Everett, Washington to compete in Sack Attack. The tournament was well-run and most impressively on-time. We can thank the great volunteer staff from the persistent pit runners and field resetters to the tech staff, referees and judges. Even though the tournament was held at a new venue this year, there was no impact on the quality of the event.

The tournament champions and first seeded alliance:
1492X, 2K, 1492Z
The tournament finalists and second seeded alliance:
2D, 1492A, 575

Excellence Award (qualification for Worlds) - 1492X
Design Award - 1492A
Judges Award - 917Z
Sportsmanship Award - 575

Driver Skills:
2K - 190 pts
1492X - 185 pts
1492A - 120 pts

Programming Skills:
1492X - 75 pts
2K - 40 pts
1492A - 15 pts

The highest single alliance score was 251 in QF 1-1 by 1492X and 2K
The highest total match score was 311 in Qual #17 by 1492X and 2D vs. 1492A and 917A

Thanks to everyone who made this event possible and all the teams that came out to compete. Upcoming tournaments in the region include:
11/24 - BC Season Opener
12/1 - BC Fall Championship
12/8 - Central WA University VRC Tournament

Photo and video links are in this thread:


Great summary of all the awards… and congratulations to Mariner High for hosting their first VRC tournament. It went very, very well… it finished so early that the “BC Bus” had time to stop for dinner on the way home.


Wow! Great Job! I see a lot of fold-out holonomic drives!!

Wow, from the videos and scores it was an extremely competitive tournament, I’m very impressed, and a little bit scared :eek:.

I can see a lot of strategy and smart switches between offensive/defensive play coming in the finals matches as well which makes me happy :smiley:

Congrats to all award winners, especially tournament champions/Excellence. We are suffering a severe lack of people from this region in our skype chat, so if anyone wants to join, just give me a PM and I will add you!

Also, thanks for making this thread, its nice to hear what’s going on in all the different regions! :smiley:

Robotevents page is here if anyone is curious about match scores etc.:http://www.robotevents.com/robot-competitions/vex-robotics-competition/asij-vex-robotics-challenge-1.html

Yes, after 1492A’s fold-out holonomic from last year (inspired by Green Egg Robotics, always have to give them credit) there were multiple teams at Jumpstart this year that built them to create more open space in the middle of the robot for the wide intakes that seem to be popular in Sack Attack so far.

Haha, I have to say that all the WASABI’s have a lot of work to do all around. I am excited to watch Asia-Pacific and see how behind we are! X.X Should I rejoin the skype chat? It takes up so much time because I end up spending hours there XD

You may be surprised, the robots I saw looked really really good. [hype] Even so, everyone should tune into Asia Pacific because it will be awesome! [/hype]

And yes spending hours on skype is what I do best…

Whoa. Some of those robots are epic. Like, seriously, I’m glad I know they aren’t coming to Asia Pacific…

Loving those flip out holonomic drives xD


great tournament!
it was interesting being at a competition as a non-participant
i was helping running the skills field all day and did some refing at the end
interesting how i experienced ZERO match schedule, skills, auto, judging, and alliance selection stress :slight_smile:

i still miss the thrill of “winning” though :wink:
and sweetmochi, good call on one of the final matches
you are now the new “rule lawyer” :wink:

and heres the links to the finals
pretty epic “world class” matches :slight_smile:


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Great to see you guys again! Even if it isn’t with us or against us :slight_smile: miss your crazy innovative ideas. Haha yeah, considering he is the head ref for most of the WA events, I wanted to make sure he knew the rule. Even if it would take points away from us XD

Compilation of videos posted of the event so far:

Courtesy of murdomeek:
murdo355’s Channel

Courtesy of dtengineering:
dtengineering’s Channel

Hopefully will try to get some of WASABI’s videos up later.

Does anyone know when the skills challenges score will be posted to the leader boards ? :o

it might just be me since i havent been checking the forums as much lately, but are there any vids posted of NZ competitions?

There is a high probability that you are just you (unless you are some one else of course).
APAC will be live streamed in 2 weeks time.

Cheers, Paul

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Fixed. Lol. Cant wait to finally see some of their bots!

The fact that you beat me by one sack is still bugging me XD are you guys planning any major design changes for the upcoming tournaments or for the span of time after december 8th?

Not until after BC championships

I can’t help but to say that some of the designs looked pretty similar to those in Singapore Vex that was held in June.

But still, I am impressed by the level of game play, strategies involved… especially the transition between offensive and defensive… need to get my teams to take a look at that :slight_smile:

George… sad to inform you that you will see some of the version 2 (or 3) robots during Asia Pacific :smiley:

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Haha, I’m not going to argue with you about the similarity in designs to the videos you posted earlier this year from the Singapore Championships, but I think every team has thought of the flip-out drive with giant shovel archetype and the roller archetype. Especially since these were seen from Green Egg Robotics in Clean Sweep and all of the rollers in Clean Sweep/Gateway.

I am excited to see how your teams and your region have improved on these basic designs at APAC! It’s going to be an intensely competitive tournament.

Yup. I totally agreed with you on the part about GER-inspired flip-out drive :slight_smile:

And honestly, 8059 is not too concerned about the whole “who-inspired-who” thingy…that’s why we left the video online :slight_smile:

And we are excited to see how our improved version and newly designed robots (at least not seen any where online yet) match up with the NZ… can’t wait for the 2 weeks to past quickly :slight_smile:

links to said vids please :slight_smile: