Washington VRC Championship 2010

This coming Saturday, Feb. 27, is the next VRC tournament in the Pacific Northwest this year, followed by the new Oregon event on March 6 and the twin Vancouver tournaments on March 20, wrapping up the Cascadia season.

We were looking forward to hosting 254A, but unfortunately our California friends aren’t going to be able to make it. :frowning: The other 35 teams are going to have fun, though.
The list includes Cambie, David Thompson, and Moscrop from British Columbia, three teams from Oregon, and a bunch of new Washington competitors. I am surprised and pleased to note that more than half of the Exothermic teams have working robots already! This is days ahead of our normal schedule.

New features – Three fields! Music! Additional snack choices! Free coffee! No Webcast – sorry. Our venue has limited internet facilities.

See some of you next Saturday.

Ah, 1899 was looking forward to competing against 254A prior to worlds, but I guess not.

Do you have a team list by chance?

So no Cheezy Poofs and no 2Z (they mentioned it in the “Good Robots” thread)?
Hey, the rest of us might actually have a chance to win XD
YESSS FREE COFFEE. Combines the awesomeness of coffee and free food :smiley:
(I guarantee that I’ll be totally wired that day)

Haha oh shucks…we won’t be making it, but 721 wanted to attend assuming 254A was there. Not too sure if they’re still willing or not.

First off, 1:06 a.m. ???

Do you folks not sleep in the northwest?

Wish we could be there. Sounds like a lot of fun. I’d definitely be looking forward to the additional snack choices!!!

I am kinda of dissapointed though. I don’t see any Haiku in the agenda…:slight_smile:

They’re the host team, It’s a given that they’re there XD (as well as Gladstone ofc)
We sleep…we’re just nocturnal (that’s what school is for! ahahahaha)

the legendary teams from gladstone and the poofs not going?!
thats a dream come true!!! ^.^
how many teams are signed up now?

convince tba not to come plzz :slight_smile:
be a good sport and let others win a bit :slight_smile:

Teams attending. Note that no Cambie teams are registered – hello 1107?

Team # Team Name
10A Explorer Post 2036 Exothermic Cybernetics
10B Explorer Post 2036 Exothermic AI3
10C Explorer Post 2036 Exothermic Astley
10D Explorer Post 2036 Exothermic Flounder
10E Explorer Post 2036 Exothermic Albatross
10Q Explorer Post 2036 Exothermic Hazard
10V Explorer Post 2036 Exothermic Victory
10X Explorer Post 2036 Exothermic Stairs
10Z Explorer Post 2036 Exothermic Billy Mays
262A Monroe High School Bearcats
299A Sky Valley Education Center PlaZmachines
299B Sky Valley Education Center PlaZmachines
417 International Community School ICS Robotics
575 Explorer Post 2036 Exothermic Haiku
770 Lakewood Computer Clubhouse LCC
1346C David Thompson Secondary School Trobotics Shoopdawhoop
1460A Sandy High School Sandy High School A
1460B Sandy High School Sandy High School B
1460C Sandy High School Sandy Hiigh School C
1700A Moscrop Secondary School Panthobot
1700B Moscrop Secondary School Panthers
1700C Moscrop Secondary School Panthers
1700D Moscrop Secondary School Panthers
1700E Moscrop Secondary School Panthers
1700F Moscrop Secondary School Panthers
1700G Moscrop Secondary School Panthers
1899 Interlake High School Interlake Saints Robotics
1983A Aviation High School Skunkworks Robotics
1983B Aviation High School Skunkworks Robotics
2605A Sehome High School Sehome Robotics
2605B Sehome High School Sehome Robotics

our mentor procrastinated :stuck_out_tongue:
we will have 2-3 teams going
whens the signup cutoff btw?

Cambie just registered 1107a, 1107b, 1107c

Cutoff is more-or-less now, but we could squeeze in another team or two. No way we could add more than that, though.

woot 3 cambie teams^^
btw i just noticed
NONE of the gladstone teams are going?
and i thought that this was going go be bigger than the gladstone tourney
too bad there isnt 48 teams :confused:
that way BOTH the finalists will make it to worlds…

I assume there will be videos posted from youtube like in the previous competitions? I’m looking forward to seeing the evolution of the robots.

No Gladstone teams. I think they are reaching tournament overload.

Josh – I’ll bring my video camera. I hope someone can shoot.


8 hours before the match, we just burned out our microcontroller; port 3 and 1 have issues…

I’ve used Vex products for about three years now, never have I blown ports on a micro-controller. download the default code and use it just to check each motor port (or at least 1-4). Then reload the firmware, master code 10 and finally your user code.

If that doesn’t work out, beg and plead for another team to lend you a microcontroller for the event. Someone has an extra.


Any Results?

Results… I just got home!

Tournament winners: 575, 10Q, 1107C
Tournament finalists: 10B, 10X, 10D
Excellence: 10X
Robot Skills Challenge: 575 (122 points)
Programming Skills Challenge: 10B (28 points)
Amaze: 10Q
Innovate: 2605B
Build: 299B
Judges: 10V

And we were able to award AMAZING championship banners to the winners, skills winners, and Excellence award winners courtesy of Team KAOS – 1429. Thanks to KAOS for the banners.

I’m exhausted and happy. I think the event went pretty well and I hope the students had fun.

Looks like the Exothermics did pretty well!

Congrats on the win, excellence award, and skills wins.

I guess we will see you in Dallas!

Congrats to all the award winners. Especially 575 - great to see them get a victory. Looking forward to seeing you all in March (on the robot skills field) =D

Go 1107! Great to see Cambie on top!

Well done Exothermics, too. See you all again in a month or so, and the Seattle-area teams are all welcome to stop by the 1346 pit at Key Arena March 25-27 where we’ll be the sole Canadian representative at the Microsoft Seattle Regional (look for the 'bot with the hockey sticks).

Vancouver area teams… how many of you want to come down for a day and see “the big robots” at work? Would it be worth a day’s bus trip to see a FIRST competition? (Click http://media.wpi.edu/News/Events/Robotics/First/2007/Training/PromoLAN.wmv to see what I’m talking about. Our robot this year will weigh about 150 pounds and will have close to 200 pounds of pushing force!