Washington Winter VRC Photos

Just posted… 200+ photos from Saturday’s great tournament in Redmond.

Thanks to Rick Tyler and the team of volunteers for another great tournament… 58 teams in all, including the much discussed 1107B machine.


Just flipped through… 200+ photos from Saturday’s great tournament in Redmond.

All jokes aside, a great tournament to be reviewed by teams both in and out of the tournament. Flawlessly run and great preparation for Worlds! Thanks to everyone who worked endlessly on the tournament!

Noticed a wasabi team was using the chainsaw intakes. Did our robot (4886a) inspire those? I ask because robots in our region are using them now

its better than normal “wheel flappers” because the first object would go high enough into the ramp that it would not interfere with the second object being intaken

Just wondering, does that kind of intake make it easier to cap goals cause that’s what it seems to be able to do.

Yeah, thats why teams around us switched to them… Did we really inspire all of those, if so thats such an honor :o

Haha yes, that and something else. Thats how our teams can cap whenever we want :wink:

Hmm, can it intake a stack the special way that the other kind of intake can?

We dont know, personally, we have a bar right above our intake

Yes, yes you did :slight_smile: we saw how a longer intake would help with our skills challenge ability and we jumped right on it. Thank you for thinking of it and posting it online! We couldn’t have gotten 33 without you haha.

The first Exothermic team with that kind of intake built it in December, and I know for sure they’ve never seen your robot, since I was standing nearby when they decided to build it. Their goal was to have a narrow intake point to make it easier to collect objects in corners and next to goals.

We made ours in december also, 3rd week I think… They debuted Janurary 1st at QCC. I still remember having to push all those flaps in…

Our team, is possibly the happiest team in the world right now. Your welcome, and you’ll be able to go agaisnt “The Chabot” at world :slight_smile: And yeah, picking up objects for our skills challenges was also improved. In the video, we barely touched the doubler. If you see any other teams ask them if it was the lone Vermont bot which they got it from. ; )

Notice anything slightly unusual here? Jason – thank you for posting your pics. I’m getting my videos ready to upload, but it’s going slowly.

:wink: Tell them I say good job. Folding down our intakes was challenge… Them… “Lets fold out our table with it.” Are they qualified for worlds yet?

They did well at Washington, but didn’t qualify. They have an 18 in programming skills, are entered in a couple of Online Challenges, and one more tournament to qualify. I’d personally say they are at least 50-50 to qualify – probably through Programming Skills at Oregon State Championship. I think they could easily get up to 22-25 if they practice really hard this week. I think their robot is good enough to be on a winning alliance, but they finished their robot late and hadn’t had much practice before last weekend.

I mostly liked watching them fill the central goal from the Isolation Zone, which is not something I’ve seen very often.

Yeah, their robot looks really good from the pictures. I went on the forum chat which someone made, and Jacko commented how someone took his technique :wink: . I also think from the pictures it is good enough for a winning alliance.

I would sum the bot up with this: When 10C was moving for the whole 2 minutes, everything went spectacularly.

The 25 inch reach from chassis edge at mid-arc makes for a relatively effective iso bot. The reach was also helpful for the team’s first ever run with no practice (from completely cold to 18 points is pretty decent) of the “repositioning skills challenge” with manual aim and buttons. Every goal can be physically aimed with a base wheel on a colored tile except for the center interaction goal. <trollface.jpg>

C and 575 (sharing a single set of cortex and control kits for now) have both been suffering quite wonderful, joyous and not at all inconvenient intermediate functioning and connectivity issues since the start of the season.

Yeah 10C started having problems early in quals that fixed themselves halfway through the tournament. Then C immediately started dying again as soon as elims started…

Another neat fact: from iso, C can very quickly raise the arm and cover both 20" goals to stop opponents from scoring. That means in autonomous, opponents tend to drop objects into the other iso zone. Or into 10C :cool:

I’ve started uploading video of the Washington tournament.