Watch now! Puerto Rico VEX Robotics League Play Event #3!

Hi everyone,

Today, November 6, 2016 we are livestreaming the 3rd Puerto Rico VEX Robotics League Play Event. You can watch it over here:


Cool. The Puerto Rico matches are always lively.

Huh. 2310A has a little mechanism to instantly fling their preload to the farzone at the beginning of auton. That’s… pretty cool actually.

It seems to be pretty popular in China.

That was a good tournament. I saw lost of bots tipping and burning out though.

Thanks everyone for watching!

It will be available shortly on Youtube.

Also I will upload the individual matches

This was happening up to a suspicious level, but I figure that it was either just hot over there or all one big coincidence.

Or teams simply don’t know how to use aluminum :stuck_out_tongue:
But I agree; it was a bit suspicious. One can’t complain really though because it was hurting them. If it was the opposite… well… you know.

Hi, you are correct. Since we are an Island and this event was made in an open space, it was a little hot, which could have contributed to the overheating issues.

Alot of teams cant afford aluminum

I didn’t check through the entire catalog, but steel c channels are cheaper than aluminum ones.

I think vex knows most teams are going to want aluminum so they make that cost more, but who knows the real reason

Hi everyone!

Here is the playlist with yesterday’s event matches:

There was a total of 35 matches.

Rankings for the event:

Also, the full live stream can be watched at the original address:

where are the final matches?

Elimination matches will be held in December. We run the League Play every 2 weeks, and we will have our next event on November 20. Our calendar has a date of December 11 for the League Championship, but these dates are subject to change.

so teams can work on there robot and change it before the elimination rounds?

That’s correct. However, they must pass inspection before the event starts