Watch party platforms?


I’m on old guy trying to see how to put out a watch party for my middle school students for the stuff tomorrow. What platforms are out there that the kids and I can both use? I have about 100 kids but anticipate about 30 will be interested.


This is the Vex robotics Youtube channel. They will have VRC at 10AM and IQ at 11:30AM.


Yes, I see that, but how do I organize the kids? Just open up google hangout or zoom call?

My mentor is going to have a zoom call and screenshare the game reveal, then we are going to discuss it.

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I was thinking about that. I am a little concerned about the lag with sending them the video from my computer. I could go to school and use their network, though.

If you’re worried about the lag, you could probably send them the link and they can watch it individually.

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I reccomend what we’re doing. We are all going to be in a call but watching the reveal on our own screens, I’m assuming all your students are old enough to use youtube. If not I reccomend my Dad’s (who is an IQ Coach) approach. Go to the area of your residence with the best WiFi connectivity then just stream it through the call. I recommend something like hangouts or webex because zoom tends to be very laggy (and the security issues are a whole other thing)

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