Watch the great event!!!

Hi~ VRC Final (on 28 April ) is open to public or not?

Well, it’ll be livestreamed, so I guess it is, yes? I’m not sure about actually being in the building, though.

My daughter (just 7 years old) wants to watch it at Hall of Freedom. Do we need any ticket? or only for participants only?

It is free to the public.

Vex worlds is an open event. You have to pay to park, but it is completely open to the public. We have paid enough…!!!

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Where can we find the link to this event to where it is being livestreamed. I watched last year but I don’t remember where the link was. Is it on

On the event tabs there will be one for webcast


** where x is a number between 1 and 14 (inclusive)

Note that the 14 maximum is likely to increase to accommodate additional divisions at Worlds this year. See for a complete list of all channels.