Watching Games Virtually

Hey guys,
Does anybody know if you can watch other competitions virtually or at least get the score?

What do you mean? Scrimmages are not usually televised, but I’m pretty sure you can get scores using the “vex via” app


Check to see if the tournament is livestreamed, and watch it through that. Individual teams sometimes will film and post their matches, so you can check with them too.
You can also see scores from matches from the VEX Via app.


Our organization will livestream on our YouTube channel “VEXVirus3547” all the events we host (except the upcoming fair scrimmage). Also, we’ll livestream the Riverbots Signature event and the Michigan ES & MS State Championships.


Thank you so much. Last competition was our first and we did not really have a general idea of the scoring situation and other people’s ideas.

Not every tournament is live-streamed, and if they are, the links can usually be found @ . Most are live-streamed on YouTube, Vimeo, or Twitch. Most Chinese tournaments that are live-streamed are on Weixin via mini programs. Some older tournament live-streams can be found on Youku as well.

Match scores can be found either @ , or the VEX VIA app (scores can be updated live here). Sometimes it can take some time for the event scores (especially for Chinese tournaments), but this shouldn’t take more than a week.


EP summit it was made clear that Scrimmage could not have scores relayed to VEX Via.


When I roll my website to Spinup (probably in less than 2 weeks), I will continue to maintain the match video index. You can see how it worked for Tipping Point here:


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