Water game: Battle Royale

What if the water game is a battle royale, where it rains on the field every few minutes and closes in to the center, where the last robot alive due to sustaining the water damage wins? I think this would be a great design and a break from the team / alliance format, thus bringing vex into the modern age and increasing popularity among young teens and children as well as lonely adults, due to the battle royale format becoming mainstream and extremely popularized among games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.


All memes aside, there are plenty of water game threads you could’ve posted this in, starting a new topic about this is sort of pointless.



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Also, this type of game would be too hard to do for Vex. Even if it was feasible, they’d have to distribute whatever watertight tiles they come up with to everyone, etc.

The general logistics of a water game is too much. But the same idea can be done with a field of signal deadness that slowly approaches in. A laser light ring could illustrate the boundaries. Last robot alive wins. Unless two teams go Hunger Games and kill their robots.
It’d take more funding and more equipment than usually present at general VRC completions.