Water game confirmed?

So with the new changes to the VEX U rules does this confirm next year will be a water game, especially now they have unlimited plastic and metal to make waterproof robots.

It will only be water game for Vex U.

We need to be hopeful!

VEX U plays the [mostly] same game as VRC. If VEX U gets a water game, VRC probably will too.

Remember, Karthik said, “Water, Water, Water” during the v5 product reveal.

Than it’s settled. Water game confirmed.

Can I see the new rules?

Download Complete, start learning about hull design and theory
Leeoon, figure out how to make a maneuverable ship
DarkMakesRobots, figure out passive load balancing
ElectricEagleY, start figuring the most efficient ways to boat via vex parts
Barin, start thinking about how build a counter meta bot (aka clever ankers)
The Electrobotz, think about how to deploy outriggers and retract them passively
Max_Johnson03, start planning a filtration system for recovering the floating field object

Everyone meet back in a week, and if the game turns out not to be a water game too bad, I still expect the projects to be submitted by 11:59pm ET MAY 5th

As for myself Ill be working out the logistics of filling the arena with water in a timely manner and how to account for splashing, and not flooding the building … ok guys start building those barges :stuck_out_tongue:

Got it! Working on it right now!!

does anyone know when the game will be announced

Within the next 2 hours

ok thanks

I did see cooling vents in V5 motors. Would that be helpful to filter water?

easy watercooling for the motors, duh

There always some changes between VRC and VEXU. Clearly adding water would be one of those possibilities. As an event partner, we have been asked what types of hoses and liquids we have available. Naturally we would default to a water game, but clearly, there are some other (better) options for the liquid.

what about radiolaria? Destiny 2 memes