Water Game DeConfirmed

After seeing the new Vex robotics Instagram post, I like many other people had questions. I downloaded the video to look at the parts in the bucket and I didn’t recognize a few (Just so you know I don’t do Vex IQ). The parts in the bucket seemed new including a fan blade and pieces that looked like lego plates. There were also things that looked like wheels in the back of the bucket. I think these parts show that it isn’t a hint towards a water game but a hint to new Vex IQ parts.

Sorry to ruin the fun
fan blade.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 6.22.37 PM.png
Vex Instagram.mp4.zip (428 KB)

VEXIQ Air Game confirmed


I would be satisfied if there was a collection game about grouping together two hydrogen game pieces with one (larger) Oxygen game piece.

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Frankly, using Lego parts makes it even more confirmed that there will be a water game. However, I like that theory on new Vex IQ parts.

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The propellers will be used to power hovercraft on top of water.

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And if your connection drops… then, well, you’re hosed.

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they’re blue… and they’re in a bucket. what else could it possibly mean besides a water game?

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there was even a wave emoji in the caption of their instagram post. it’s gotta be a water game.

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it says The drought is over in the video. We are getting a water game gosh dangit

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There’s no conceivable way that it isn’t a water game.
/s i haven’t even seen the instagram post lol

Ha. Good Pun

The propeller is an existing part from the Zip Flyer kit. Air Sea Resue game.

if you want water games: https://www.seaperch.org/index

but that’s all the darn way in Maryland and there are no qualifiers even in my state. I’ll stick to being convinced VEX is going the water route