Waukesha Wisconsin Tournaments Nov 5th and 6th

Hey all,

Attention WI, IL, IA, MN, IN teams!

In about a week and a half we are holding two Gateway tournaments in Waukesha, WI (30 min from Milwaukee).

This is the fourth year that this tournament has been put on by CORE 2062 and More 1714 (2nd year playing the national game). This year we are at Waukesha West High School which is a very nice facility.

These should both be qualifying events provided we get enough teams registered.

On Saturday the 5th is the high school tournament. Some of the power house WI teams are registered including the awesome Syntax Error. Its worth coming just to see what those guys have in store this year.

On Sunday the 6th is the middle school event, AFAIK this is the only tournament in Wisconsin that is set up just for middle school teams.

Registration for both is open through Sunday the 30th so get that bot finished and get signed up.

-al g

We now have 16 teams for the 5th so both days are official Worlds qualifiers!

My team (1200B) and another team from our school is participating in the High School competition. There may be another team from our school that will be ready as well, depending on how far they get within this weekend.

We will be there with a total of four teams as of right now.

Thanks to all of the teams who came to the tournaments over the weekend. We were really glad to have all of you and we sure had some great competition.

We had a total of 57 teams over two days and we got some teams qualified for Worlds (5 in all I think)!

You can read a story about the high school tournament with photos at:

Vex Article

Thanks for hosting a great tournament. I would recommend this tournament for teams next year interested if they have it again. Hopefully in the future they could get enough teams interested that the winning alliance would qualify for worlds too.

Thank you Waukesha for hosting this tournament. The pictures look great. My team 1200A had a great time and would like to come back next year as stated by mbrunn. Good luck to all the teams this year in Gateway.

Are there any videos from this competition that you have or may know someone may have?

Thank you!

I would like to personally thank you Waukesha on behalf of my team for letting us and our TEC Club come to your tournament. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and got great ideas to add to our robot. We certainly would like to come back next year if you are hosting another one. Good luck to all the teams who participated and the host teams especially as you move forward this season.

Thanks to all the people involved in hosting the Waukesha Tournament. I hope that you guys are able to host it again next year.

For a price…
:stuck_out_tongue: We don’t want to reveal our designs.

agreed. come and watch us compete… or wait for us to reveal.

OK. I was just wondering.

Are you guys going to be attending the Wildstang competition in December?

yes we will be there. refer to the below site for who is enrolled.


My team may compete and Wildstang. We are not sure right now because at Waukesha our robot was mainly steel, and we are going to be rebuilding it in all aluminum.

Rebuilding doesn’t take too long because we are keeping it together as a ‘‘guide’’ but we are doing a few redesigns which may take time.

So in conclusion, 1200B is unsure if it will be competing, but even if we do not, I will absolutely come down to watch.

Our club (323 Cornerstone Robotics) will be bringing 3 teams down there to compete.

Team 323A Shockwave
Team 323B Bot-E Builders
Team 323C Tech-Storm

We are hoping for some good competition.

Hope to see you there.

ill be there and ready to compete. you will be LUCKY if you beat us again this year, were 10 times better than we were there last year… See you there.

Thanks to everyone who put this tournament together. I thought everyone did a fantastic job.

I will have at least 6-8 match videos up on my YouTube Channel in the next week or so. Please watch: 1200ENewDivide.weebly.com for those videos.

May your axels always remain straight,
The Members of 1200E New Divide

My team has registered and is planning on competing at the Wildstang tourney. Our team is doing simple changes like re-supporting our lifts and editing our intake so we can be ready by December. To Bot-E-Builders, I look forward to seeing and competing against you and all of the teams of 323 that are affiliated with you.

Where you there last year?

Do you have any pictures/videos of your robot?