wav Error 7

The sample wav files that came with the sample in EasyC worked. But when I down loaded some from the net and tried add files with the Memory File Manager I got an “invalid WAV file, Error #7”. What does this mean, how can I fix it and where can I find then definition of other error numbers?
PS. What is the purpose of the button on the USB/Serial adapter?

Error 7 is the wav file is compressed, it needs to be uncompressed. We recommend a 8-Bit, Mono, Uncompressed File.

The button is legacy from the PIC controller to enter program mode.

Error Codes for Memory Manager

1 - Cannot open file
2 - Invalid file size
3 - Cannot read file
4 - Invalid RIFF ID
5 - Invalid wave format
6 - Invalid format chunk ID
7 - Unsupported format tag
8 - Unsupported number of channel
9 - Unsupported sample rate
10 - Unsupported bits per sample
11 - Invalid data chunk ID
12 - Unsupported extra format bytes
13 - Invalid fact chunk ID

What is an invalid fact chunk ID? That’s a problem for me.

Also kind of wondering why they didn’t put more friendly error information in the application itself, which would have solved a lot of confusion.