Waving a flag on your robot- Programming the VEX EDR with Simulink.

I recently had a team from the BEST Robotics competition reach out to me about how to write a simple autonomous program for designing a waving motion for their motor. They wanted to wave a small flag connected to a motor on their robot.

With Simulink, this can be very easily built using some basic blocks, the most relevant in this case being the Signal Generator course block. If you want to learn more about how the final results looks like and porbably also download the Simulink example and test it with your robot, check this link out:
We are trying to program a motor to wave a small flag in our homecoming parade with simulink. Have tried several versions of this - BEST Robotics Forum

I am posting this here since VEX EDR teams could benefit as well from this example on how to use Simulink to design such simple autonomous programs.

What do you think about this approach? What other similar programming challenges have you had difficulty with designing? Comment!