Ways for Lubing/Tubing Metal


I am looking for ways to Lube and Tune up my Shafts, Metal, and other components to that they can be giving the chance to spin, Run, or react freely
Any Ideas?


<R7> Robots are allowed the following additional “non-VEX” components:
e. Any non-aerosol based grease, when used in extreme moderation on surfaces and locations that do NOT come into contact with the playing field walls, foam field surface, game objects, or other robots.

You can use lubricant on parts, but only very little (as in no visible globs).
What kind of rubbing are you talking about? At least for linear slides, finding slides that fit well is more important than using grease (which could be used once you have good slides).
In terms of making axles less frictiony, I’ve had success with just taking some sandpaper and sanding the metal down so it’s smooth (if it’s an axle that has been previously used/abused).
We’ve run into two “kinds” of axles: more square, but a little narrower; and rounder, but a little wider. I’m not sure where the squarer ones came from, but they fit through square holes much better than the rounded axles. Not sure where I was going with this paragraph…

Maybe get some sleep? :stuck_out_tongue:

But point is don’t excessively use the lube :stuck_out_tongue:

In places like the linear sliders, we use graphite in extreme moderation. I have never tried using on axles just because the graphite get everywhere when you use it.

To add more specifically, what do other people use specifically for the sliders? So far I’ve heard graphite and grease. Anybody have anything specific that works really well?

We used slides this past year and all we did was clean them frequently by rubbing them down with WD-40 on paper towels. This just cleaned up fragments of metal and other dirt so there wasn’t so much friction between the two.

Simply put, there is no lubin’ your tube in VEX.

Don’t put grease on your sliders. We’ve had bad experiences with that. Use a tiny bit of oil lube.