Ways of measuring cut polycarbonate

For the plate in the intake, our team wants to use plastic as it is lighter than metal. But in order to cut it out, we need to measure the size but a lot of it is blocked by certain parts so is there any good ways to measure it out accurately?

A fairly safe option is to take a big sheet of paper or card, jam or even screw it in place (punch with a pencil, fold bits as necessary). Draw as much of the outline as you can. Trace that onto another sheet of paper and cut it out. Test the fit. Repeat as necessary. Trace onto the plastic rather than glue it on because you will break it and need more.
If you have a CADder, that’s a better starting point, but it might be off if someone got enthusiastic during the building, so definitely make a testing template.


Get a few fender washers with 1/8" holes in different diameters. Tape paper/cardboard down on the surface you want to fit the plexiglass. Put a pencil / pen in the hole and roll the edge of the washer along the edge. It will make a tracing of the contour you are trying to match.

It’s an old carpenter trick for doing edges.