Ways to attach anti slip mat to metal?

I’ve tried screws but they get to a certain point where they just start twisting the anti slip mat

I see a lot of teams use zipties, is there any special way to attach them onto things like curved metal or is it just smack em on strap em on

I’ve seen kids use rubber bands. I’ve also seen them make clamp-like systems using bar and screws that hold the mat back behind the part of the mat that is making contact with whatever their contact target might be.

I have them on my flywheel hood (I assume that’s what you’re referring) with a ziptie every few holes. This works great, and the clamp FullMetalMentor described works super well as well. Good luck!

we use small zipties, works great

Our team used zip-ties and they worked fine. It doesn’t have to be something elaborate.

You could lay a strip of 1by aluminum on the edge and put the screws through that. Essentially the mat would be sandwiched/clamped between two pieces of metal, and the metal would keep the screw/nut from tearing the mat.

You could try a screw with a a wide and thicc washer on it to get more surface area.

Just use zip ties. put them through the holes of the metal and (assuming it is foam mesh) put them through the holes on the mat.

when the mat is longer than the ziptie’s reach, do you just use multiple all along the piece of just one on each end

@Vyx we use as many zip ties as it takes to secure the mat down.

Zip ties are your best friend for anti-slip mat, makes life so easy.