Ways to better use v4s

Does anyone have any suggestions on how we could get the most usage out of v4s? We can’t afford v5’s unfortunately.


This maybe off topic but you can try to get a grant at https://www.roboticseducation.org/grants/


@TrollMcTroller That’s great and all but does not pertain to the question asked.

To get the most usage out of V4, I would mainly suggest using many sensors (encoders for your drive, potentiometers for a lift, light sensor/limit switch for a conveyor, etc.) as the best V4 teams in the past have had lots of sensors. Along with this is good programming. Although you might not be able to get better hardware, better software can often make up the difference. Look at tutorials and explanations for PID or motion control such as Team 5225 Introduction to Position Tracking Document .

An example of a great V4 robot which was on par with the best V5 bots at the time is 240P:


If u mean the motors, u can take off the top and drill through the gear u put an axel into and make a low friction bearing

This was not at all the question; @ssang was asking how to most effectively utilize the V4 system, not how to harvest parts from V4 motors.


Thanks for the clarification. My bad.

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The trick will be to make good use of your more versatile motor count. This game is less demanding of the motors then tower takeover was, so a really good cortex bot could actually stand a chance against mediocre v5 robots.

you’ll need to be mindful of your motor distribution, that means 6m drive at least, 2m intake, 3m indexer, and you could use your 1 spare motor for a gadget to give you an edge, like a trapdoor or something. That’s if you want a hood bot, if you wanted a tray lift I’d recommend 6m drive, 4m intake 2m lift.

you’ll need to have pristine build quality and programming ability to stand a chance though, so make sure you focus on having a high quality robot.


I think all of us know that there’s no way a legacy can beat a v5 robot in sheer power. Because of that, for ur chassis, what u lose in strength you’ll have to make up in maneuverability. For that tho, you’ll have to have a lot of drive practice. Also, don’t worry so much abt getting an alliance. If ur better than the v5 robots at driving, a lot of good teams will still pick (from my experience). Also, idk if u can make use of them in this game, but pneumatics are actually worth it with legacy. Most v5 teams won’t use them because 2 motors is much more valuable but if u use them correctly, they might provide a slight edge.


@TrollMcTroller I didn’t know that existed, thanks for the info! I will definitely see if we could apply for any of them.

@2775Josh That’s definitely something we will look into. Our team isn’t the best at programming, but since we are all stuck at home, it shouldn’t be too hard to learn. We do have a lot of random sensors.

@Xenon27 The added motor count is definitely a plus, and this game is definitely more v4 friendly than tower takeover. Thanks for the motor distribution ideas, that’s really helpful. All our experienced members graduated this year, so your advice is greatly appreciated.

@64540A Yeah, we’re not banking on our power. Driving practice was something we didn’t really have last year, which is probably why we didn’t do so well. Unfortunately, we don’t have pneumatics, and I doubt we’ll be able to get them, but it seems worth looking into.

Thanks for all your help, good luck this season!

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Because pneumatics are fairly pricy if you are actually looking into purchasing them, you would be better off investing in V5.


Yeah. Also, from what I could see, pneumatics are for a push-pull motion, versus a spinning motion, and with all the intakes, drive trains, and such that will be the meta for this game, pneumatics just not suited for it.


For sure, with Pneumatics are not worth the loss of 2 V5 Motors but could be viable with legacy


See in order to get the most out of pneumatics you have to use them on something that other teams will not be able to do without pneumatics. Because you will still have 10 legacy motors to acomplish everything that 8 v5 motors do and an infinite amount of pneumatics, the possibilities are endless. You just have to think outside the box a little.


only thing is, pneumatics cost a significant fraction as v5 does so if you’re shelling out for pneumatics may as well just get v5 tbh.


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