Ways to conserve battery power between practice runs?

We’re having a hard time making our two batteries last a 2-hour practice. Short of completely shutting the brain down while we’re resetting the field, which would conserve more battery power:
a) disabling the bot via a field controller?
b) stopping the current program?

Honestly, shutting off your Robot’s brain and turning it back on should not be hard at all. This is basically best thing you can do as it won’t be using any power. Batteries also aren’t really designed to last hours, rather last at least a few minutes for competitions.

Either way, I would not recommend letting your batteries fully drain, they should take about an hour to charge to full in normal cases, easiest first bet after shutting off the brain is getting more batteries. My team tends to use them to around 65% and then recharge them, we see best performance around the ~70% to 97% charge.

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