Ways to cut half c

So my organization wants to cut some half c (1x1x35 angle bar) but we’re having a hard time doing it. We’ve tried using a metal bandsaw but every time the blade flexes and doesn’t cut straight. What are some other ways to cut half c? Also, we’re cutting it from the edges of 5C rather than cutting 2C in half if that makes a difference

If you are referring to a c-channel I have achieved the best success in getting a straight cut with a hack saw. I takes some time and energy but if done well the cut will come out straight and clean. Do not forget to put little DW-40 on the blade before starting as this will make the saw move much smother. Hope this helps.

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I’m referring to cutting 1x1x35 angle bar out of c channel, sorry. Probably should have clarified what I meant by half c

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We use a dremel with metal cutting blades or a hack saw with metal blades.


Thanks for the clarification. I do agree with @lobo262 dremels and hack saws.

While my best cuts have come from a band-saw(the fastest also), I have had good success cutting half c-channels using a rotary tool such as a dremel. If you are careful to cut slowly and straightly, the cut will be fine; however, I have found that using a dremel for this wears the blades very quickly.

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Don’t cut them yourself. Let someone else with the right tool take care of it for you: https://www.robosource.net/high-strength-lock-bars-1x1-angle/215-1x1x35-aluminum-angle-10.html

The V5 Competition Kit now comes with 1x1x35s. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Vex starts selling them too.


Professionally cut 1x1x35 angle is available from robosource.net. https://www.robosource.net/37-high-strength-lock-bars-1x1-angle

My opinion is that the price for safe and neat cutting is worth the cost. VEX is selling it too, same cost as robosource + vex shipping (vs. robosource shipping). While robosource is closed for the summer, it’s available to schools by p.o. to sales@technology-education-resources.com


Hmmm. The only problem is our new instructor is adamant he use all our money on another V5 kit so he can “build a bot to practice with us” and based on the fact that he won’t even buy us screws I doubt he’ll buy us a pack of half c

Be sure he orders a competition kit, at least there will be some 1x1 angle, 2 in the starter, 4 in the super. Suggest that he join the VEX world coaches association on Facebook too.

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It’s also an official VEX part now: 1x1x35 Aluminum Angle (6-pack)

Part number: 276-6484
Under: https://www.vexrobotics.com/vexedr/products/accessories/structure/aluminum-kits.html


I’m not sure how everyone is using a hacksaw in this application. How big is that hacksaw? Or is it horizontally modified and requires two hands?(essentially two hacksaws with one shared blade pointing perpendicular to the plane formed by the handles)

Or does nobody cut 35x long pieces of half-C?

If you look at most hacksaws, you’ll see that the blade can be installed 90 degrees from the frame (in other words, sideways).


But isn’t that hard to keep the cut straight?(hence the double handled idea)

It’s hard to make a straight smooth cut by any method but machine cutting, hence the robosource.net business of professionally cut channels.


Would an angle grinder work for cutting it?

You can find thin cutting blades for most angle grinders.

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You don’t have to keep it perfectly straight. As long as you straighten the blade every couple of inches or so, the piece will still work fine. I couldn’t imagine any scenario where the bar would need perfectly straight edges, but you could always file it down if the requirement presented itself.



Our school has bansaws to get those clean cuts, but over summer we usually use dremels and hacksaws to make half-cut channels.