Ways to get a claw to the far zone

My team is thinking about using a pneumatic claw intake similar to the one in this video. (It’s the blue robot on the left. You know, the one with the claw. :)) We really like the way it can grab stars and cubes especially when they are clumped up by the fence were forklifts are having trouble; however we have not found a way to get objects to the far zone from the claw. We want a way for the power that releases the claw to fling the stars.

One way we could do this is by driving forward really fast then letting go at the right time. Or we could have a setup like this: one of the “pincers” on the claw is normal, but the other one looks like an “L”. When it opens up the bottom part of the L pushes the objects away, theoretically. We haven’t been happy with the results so far. So what do all of you think? Are there other way to do this? If so, what? The claw is great at grabbing stuff, if it can score well it can be very powerful.

P.S. The claw doesn’t have to be pneumatic. We are testing it with motors, to.