Ways to grab the hanging pole

Every hanging mechanism I’ve seen has hooked into the pole through the opening in the top. Has anyone come up with a viable way to grab the pole? Are there any other ways of hanging I’m not considering? Would this be better than hooking the pole?

The game revel video has an interesting idea. It’s pretty simple to understand aswell.

All jokes aside, I was thinking about having two standoffs go on either side of the pole (one on the side of the pole with the field , the other on the outside of the field) and the friction of the standoffs (with rubberbands around them) would allow for a solid grip. I scrapped the idea because I realized the top of the pole is open, meaning you can have a lot stronger of a grip.

imo the “hooking into the top of the pole” idea is basically the only good one. The best part is, if you’re having problems fitting something on your robot for that, it’s in a stable enough position for you to be able to make a thing that flips out and locks.