Ways to reuse cut Zip-Ties?

I have alot of cut strips of zipties and it feels like a waste to just throw them all away. Is there some way I could reuse then?

Not really. Sorry bro.

Melt them down into new zip ties.

Not cut them in the first place.


Honestly, there isn’t really a use, unless you can melt it and make something cool with the filament.

I doubt anyone will believe me, but I have drilled a tiny hole in a ziptie end, and cut a circle out around it and used it as a spacer for inside a 269 motor.

That might be the greatest thing I have ever heard accomplished with a zip-tie.

Well, if it isn’t cut all the way down you can stick a small pin inside the locking mechanism of the tie to somehow reuse it.

Cut zipties make excellent defences to keep people from walking barefoot in any area.

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