Ways to run auton

Is there a way to run autonomous with out using the way thought the controller. With out using a competition switch. Maybe like a computer program?

Use the timed run feature

I’m saying without that

You can “call” (essentially run) your auton at the start of your driver control period code instead of inside the autonomous period


So copy and paste the code into the driver control loop?

you can run auton from your controller. select your program, then select competition, then programming skills. it will give you a countdown and run auton.


I know that I was wondering if there was a way to do it without any of that for say like an online program that would start stop auton

what’s easier than that though?

Competition control is only handled through the joystick. The easy way to test auton is to do what Nathan told you and just call your autonomous function from your driver control function.

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Ok so how would I do that in using blocks

Robot Mesh Studio Blockly or the VEXcode version?

vex code 20 charactors

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