We are having a big problem finding out which motor is which

We are having trouble with are motors since are programing does not save most of the time we always have to go back and figure out which one is which and it is really slow and my team and me would like to know if there is a more efficient way to do this we are always losing time and almost all meets we have to reprogram and I get no driving practice.

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The problem here isn’t with finding what the motors are, it’s that you can’t save your programs. What is preventing you from saving them?


I’ve seen some teams use colored zip ties on the wires to denote where each one goes. I believe @xenon27 uses this method of marking the wires on their new robot reveal.

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I don’t do this but it’s not a bad idea.
When I want to figure out which port is which motor, I’ll unplug the cable from the brain and see which motor’s light turns off. It’s only 8 motors though, probably worth writing down the configuration somewhere if you find yourself frequently needing that info.


Ah, it must be one of the other many reveals I’ve watched recently. Maybe it was @Robotnerd (s) reveal where they used the colored zip ties.


Unplugging the motors to see which light turns off is actually pretty smart too. Much quicker than manually following the cable along the whole robot.

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You can also just go to the devices screen and select one of the motors, the led will flash at the motor to show which one is being controlled.
(the same for any device, not just motors)


Yup that’s us! It makes our life so much easier.


we dont know it is a problem with our school cromebooks deleting drive

if you cant save to your computer you will need to get an external usb drive. plug the drive in click file at the top left , save as, then select the drive you inserted then, click save. you will have to plug in the usb drive and open the code from there, but everything should save. the only other thing that would make sense is your computer, you may want to try using a windows or mac machine (not chrome os) and see if it saves correctly.


Write the number on some tape and tape it on the motor

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Just configure it, than take a screenshot of the motors and ports

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Out teams write down the motor layout and port configuration in this thing called an Engineering Notebook. It provides quick reference information needed to repair, replace, and reconfigure components on the robot. Sometimes they place number tags on the motor housing to identify the port.