We are using VEXcode instead of modkit and our autonomous code is spinning out of control

In the past we would reverse one wheel and forward the other in our autonomous code. In VEX code it would add the drive train without giving the option to reverse and forward the motors. When we download the code to our brain and test it, it continues to spin around in a circle. In the past is was because one motor needed to be reverse and the other motor forward. We can’t find this option on the drive train. Can we add motors without it being in the drive train?

The drivetrain should do this automatically.

Sure, just like any other motors, drive motors can be configured individually in the device configuration menu. But note that in VEXcode Blocks, each motor can be either configured individually or as part of a drivetrain, you can’t do both for the same motor.

Screenshots/PDFs/a project upload of your current code, as well as some info about/pictures of the current physical configuration of your robot, would be helpful in further diagnosing this issue.


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