We built a portable Battery Case thing V2

imgur album
Since our old design (see it here) was kinda janky, we decided to improve it
what we improved:
added a another charger so now we fit 6.
the case originally was covered in foam so we removed that
we rewired the cables and made it cleaner
Version 1 required some disassembly to close the case, but the new one just closes without having to take apart anything.

We’re open for feedback and questions :slight_smile:



excess cables under the plexiglass

Compact - I am little concern about not being able to switch fast/slow charge modes. Clever use of paper strips to reflect charge status LED.

@lacsap the chargers are stuck on using Velcro, so if we wanted to we can just take off the charger from the case

I really dig that battery case. It looks efficient and clean.

FYI, the chargers have a label that says to only charge batteries on SAFE.

FYI - 7.2 NiMH 3000 are ok to charge on FAST mode with SMART Charger v2 - check the online documentation
VEX Batteries product page
Yes it is confusing with different battery packaging, composition, and chargers. It is a case to know what your equipment is good for.