We can't get our VEXcode to download to our robot

Just as we learned vex coding studio they discontinue it. Modkit is as well. We are trying to use VEXcode. We have trouble downloading to our robot. It does not recognize a brain. The kids picked drive train and set up the motrs, but it does not let us add a brain for device, so I am thinking it is already default. This happens often. It does not say we need a firmware update. I am trying to figure that out as well. Please help. I can’t find any info on this topic

You didn’t say if you were using blocks or text, however, perhaps the articles here will help.

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Read @jpearman’s post to see what the tab looks like when it does recognize a V5 brain.

Assuming that you now do recognize what the tab looks like when a Brain is connected:
Because VEXCode supports wireless downloading as well, try connecting the controller to the computer instead of the brain and see if it connects. If the controller connects, yet the brain doesn’t, then the brain’s programming port is likely jacked up (destroyed by wear and tear, and tugging), but if both are not recognized then most likely it is a driver issue. You can likely find more information about reinstalling V5 drivers by using the search bar.

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