We fixed VEXnet syncing issues

Using this new setup, we have reduced VEXnet syncing issues by 5x.

By bringing this to the table, our team is pushing the envelope in VEXnet sustainability.

We hope this is a robust paradigm shift towards synergistic VEXnet empowerment and proactive match playing. Its modular design is a disruptive innovation in the wifi key market. We hope you find this setup to be a win-win at the 2014 World Championship - a milestone in VEXnet globalization.

For further business inquiries, please contact our team’s marketing group:

Looks like that ship was hit and sunk. I now guess D:6

Miss. :slight_smile: Keep guessing.

I’ll leave that to Megatron.

I am shocked that I wasn’t rick-rolled by this

wow, does it actually drive proper though? :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing! I’ve experimented with a similar setup and found that after two hours, the strength with these connections are so strong that even when you unplug the vexnet keys, the cortex is still connected to the joystick!

This setup is so effective! It will truly change the future of VEX.

+1 on that!

Wow, quantum entanglement in just two hours? That’s spooky action on demand. And you solved the no-communication theorem.

Good job. If that doesn’t win you the innovate award (and a couple Nobel Peace Prizes), I don’t know what would.

Well he already won the 2014 sportsmanship award.

well I think I came up with an even better solution.

vexnet 3.0:


Do something similar, except connect the joystick to 5 of these new vexnet 3.0s. Post results.

I hypothesize that the universe will implode.

here’s the results: (the black hole morphed the picture and made it to big)

vexnet 3.0 is also compatible with higher gain antennas allowing it to transmit over a range of up to 5 miles.

vexnet 3.0 could also be daisy chained to a 4G router to extend the range even farther.